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Copperman Liquid EDTA Chelated Copper 5.0%  is a deep blue, pH neutral, UV stable, quality product containing 5.0% actual copper. All the copper is in the chelated form, making it 100% available for plants to absorb.  Copperman has been laboratory tested and achieved standards for high purity and low heavy metals content. It is a regularly monitored, federally registered product with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) under the Fertilizer's Act.

 We take pride in Copperman Liquid EDTA Chelated Copeer 5.0% as it has
proven to be a good stable copper source used in B.C. greenhouses and on field crops.
Market Laboratory uses the highest quality reagents to produce the Copperman micronutrient and can provide an uninterrupted supply throughout the growing season. Copperman Liquid EDTA Chelated Copper 5.0% is available in pails(26.8 kg) or drums (268 kg).

Technical Specifications  

Fertilizer's Act Reg No:                               2005046B

Appearance:                                               deep blue solution

pH:                                                              7.5

Copper (Cu)(actual):                                   5.0%

Ethylene diamine
tetraacetate (EDTA):                                  22.7%   

Density                                                       1.34g/mL                        

MSDS available upon request.

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